"If you really love something, you have to know how to let go." -Kim Taeyeon []
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Youtube has become a super important media source over the years, especially in the world of K-Pop. More views mean more popularity / positive exposure and that's what we want for our 9 Goddesses, right? And they definitely deserve more views on their perfect MVs so Sones, please support them by watching their music videos everyday for multiple times! You need to watch them until the end, views only count when you watch the whole video! To make it easier, you can just click on the links to their MVs above. If you wanna just let it play, and go along, that's fine too. Please also watch their new MVs when released, share them, tell your family, friends, everyone! Let's show our OT9 some love! ♥

taengsic 15/

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Fart talk

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princess and the frog~

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2/100 - moments of Tiffany making my heart flutter 

2/100 - moments of Tiffany making my heart flutter 

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snsd igab / color analysis
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aiport sica + pink ♡ (asked by hyosic)

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